Fuochi di ferragosto a Positano|Festa di ferragosto a Positano

Gruppo Battellieri Costa dâAmalfi

Fireworks of Ferragosto

Fireworks of Ferragosto

The fireworks of the assumption have become a classic appointment in the coast’s summer. They give an exceptional spectacle, a night to frame in your memory. Music, great parties on terraces, menus with dishes of our local cuisine coming from all over the coastline, which surround the barge entrusted to the firework operators. A show at sea that seems to re-evoke the life of the ancient maritime village, before  becoming a centre of International tourism, when they sent their men far away at sea with “Cianciole” ( Fishing boats ) .






Particolare della Cupola
Positano vista dal mare

Fireworks of Ferragosto






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